Outlook 2007

Please note that you need a paid hosting product to read your emails with an Emailprogram (POP and/or IMAP). But if you have no hosting, you can read your Emails with our free webmail instead.


Open Outlook 2007 Click on the tools menu and select "Account Settings" You can now see several riders, Click now in the tab "E-mail" on "New ..." Select the box "manually configure server settings" and click on "Next >" Select "Internet e-mail" and click on "Next >" Fill in all necessary fields with the following information:
User information
Your name: Give your name as it appears in the box, "From:" in outbound messages
E-mail address: Give your full e-mail address (eg firstname.lastname@domain.com)

Server information
Account: POP3 (or IMAP if you want to use IMAP)
Incoming mail server: pop.easyname.com (or imap.easyname.com if you want to use IMAP)
Outgoing Server: smtp.easyname.com

Username: Enter the name of your e-mail mailbox (for example,123mail1).
Password: Enter the password for your e-mail mailbox. Click on "Other settings ..."
Tab "Outgoing Server": Select "outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication"
Advanced tab: Select server requires an encrypted connection (SSL). When Use the following encrypted connection : choose "SSL". If you choose POP3 Port with SSL, please use Port:995 and for SMTP SSL Port: 465 If you choose IMAP Port with SSL, please use Port:993 and for SMTP SSL Port: 465 Confirm the settings by clicking on OK button. Now click on "Next" and then on "Finish" You have completed the setup and you can check your e-mail account on easyname now!