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High-performanceHostingwith plenty of features

High-performanceHostingwith plenty of features

Powerful web hosting with 75 GB file storage

With unlimited traffic and ten databases, the Large-hosting is perfect for middle sized or bigger businesses. We offer 10 GB email space and an unlimited amount of mail boxes and addresses.

With 100 FTP-access you can assign the rights to edit your website to your staff.

Our easyname support is happy to help you on how to utilise your hosting package. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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Rs. 490
a month
  • Disk space

    75 GB

  • Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates


  • Data traffic


  • Managed domains


  • Email addresses


  • POP3/IMAP & webmail

  • Immediately online

With more than 70 Easy Install Apps, easyname is your provider, offering you many free practical apps that you can use to add to your website, for example, with a CMS such as Wordpress or Joomla.

With email we offer extensive spam and virus security, easy access to your emails via POP3, SMTP and IMAP, simple or with SSL encryption as well as practical extras like autoresponder, catch-all functions and black & whitelists.

For dynamic websites or onlineshops we offer MySQL and PostgreSQL as database systems, to manage data we offer external SQL access as well as phpmyAdmin and pgAdmin.

A great variety of add ons for developers, for example SSH Shell, Crontab/Cronjobs, GD Library oder SimpleXML.

Easyname is a high-performance provider. In case you want to change to better applications at a later time.

By upgrading to the hosting package Unlimited you can buy additional webspace at any time without restriction of any kind. We are happy to help you choose products tailored to your personal website and hosting needs.

Due to special offers, the transfer price may differ from the price of the new registration.
No responsibility is taken for any information on the availability status of a domain.