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We will make your domain transfer to easyname easy!

  • Precise instructions to each domain
  • Immediate start of the transfer

Domain administration

If you have to administrate a considerable amount of domains, you need a simple, fast and well-arranged possibility to do so. If you spend too much time in searching for settings or setting options without being sure to even carry them out well and without having a good support then you need definitely a professional contact person.

  • clear
  • unbureaucratic
  • well-arranged

As an easyname customer you benefit from a simple and well-arranged interface which meets your demands.

As soon as you have logged in via, you get an overview over all domains which are administrable through the interface. At one glance you see the name of the domain and the expiration date (date until the domain was paid). By clicking on "available" you can find for every domain on the easyname name servers links to the subdomain, e-mail settings and DNS settings. Subdomains can be added, forwarded or deleted in one step. It is also very easy to add e-mail addresses or to change DNS entries. Domains which use an external name server can be changed to easyname name server without any problems.

Administration of single domains

A link connects every domain with the administration surface of the correspondent domain. You will get detailed information about renewal, contact data, availability and transfer away.


At "Renewal" you get an overview over the date of expiration, the latest date for renewal and you can look up if the automatic renewal option is activated. Furthermore you see the cancelation period and how many days are left before the next cancelation period.


At "Contacts" you get all contact data which are important for the domain administration. The contact persons can be listed individually by owner, administration, technology and DNS.


At "Availability" you can see the used name servers and you have the option to immediately change them.

Outgoing transfer

At "Outgoing transfer" you can see at a glance if the domain was locked for transfer and if an authcode, which will be shown directly, is necessary.

Administration of expiring domains

In order to consider all expiring domains, a tab for all expiring domains will be available besides the already existing tab for the registered domains. In this additional tab all domains will be listed which expire in the following months and which have to be renewed.

Options for expiring domains:

  • Immediately renew the domain
  • Renew the domain automatically
  • Cancel the domain when expired

Domain administration for registration, transfer and external domains

Through the right sidebar you will find the item "My Domains". By clicking on this item you can register additional domains and/or transfer them and add external domains.